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Does this look like "terrorist money"?
The fbi and the secret service evidently think so...
I believe the "terrorists" have been misidentified and are closer than they appear!
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    The MATRIX MATTERS Multimedia Computer CD is a self-running "website on a disk".  Simply insert this CD into your computer's CDROM and you'll be on your way to begin unlocking the mysteries of the matrix that surrounds you.  (If you have autorun disabled on your CDROM, just open by going to My Computer, double-click on your CDROM, then double-click the file "choice.html".)  I've spent more than 3 years compiling this information in a very compact, easy to use format for you to use.  My goal isn't to profit by selling you something -- My goal is to get this information to you so you can start putting it to use.  Share this CD with your friends and family, make copies, and get this info spread far and wide.  The information on this CD ranges from an introduction to being free to more advanced topics on being free.  This CD is packed FULL with nearly 700MB of info!  Here's an overview of the information on this CD:
  • Declaration Of Independence
  • 17+ full length articles about the Fiat Money Matrix
  • The Law by Frederick Bastiat
  • Over 3 hours of video
  • 16+ full length articles about the Legal Matrix
  • Trial of Jesus
  • Internet Links and Resources
  • No Spyware - No Viruses - No Malware
  • united States Constitution
  • Freeman's Library (GREAT bibliography!)
  • 27+ Full Length articles about the General Matrix
  • Over 6 hours of audio
  • Juror's Handbook
  • USA vs uS
  • Software included (if needed)
  • Standard filetypes (html, mp3, pdf, swf, txt, wmv)
   Articles by Ron Paul, Marc Stevens, Michael Badnarik, George Gordon, Bruce McCarthy, Ernest Hancock, G. Edward Griffin, Bernard von NotHaus, and MANY more!  This CD is a wonderful training aid to help you "awaken and save" others still trapped in the Matrix.
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Please contribute to make it even better!  Is there a food you have or like, but it's not in the spreadsheet?  Email your food item additions to ButterKnife  If you email your additional food data for foods not currently in the spreadsheet, ButterKnife will add those entries and reply to your email with an updated version including your new additions.  Just paste your page 1 data into the new page 1 and you're all set.  Include name of item(s), and the 4 numbers (serving size in grams, grams of fat/carbs/prot from label).  Watch this page for new editions of the spreadsheet, as improvements are planned.

Debt Validation

Obaaa-baaa-baaa-maaa's gonna save us all!...Ya, right... Until substance is returned to our money, ain't nothin' gonna CHANGE.  Do you know what money is and what it isn't? 
Prepare to be educated ...
Visit the World Slaves website then read this.
After you checkout the websites above, please explain to me why we're being told "the banks are going broke and need to be bailed out" when in reality they lend NOTHING as in NO THING, and the operations of both the banks and the federal reserve (a private banking cartel) is clearly a ponzi scheme with inherent moral hazard on every level.  Makes Bernie Madoff look like a small fry, eh?

uS Constitution, Article 1, Section 10...
"No State shall...make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts..."

Our forefathers made it VERY clear.  Because of our indifference and unwillingness to stand in the face of tyranny, we have allowed our servants to become our masters, and we have ignored the conquest of the money changers in purchasing everything with NOTHING.  Listen to the wind as it whispers a little louder each day ...REVOLUTION!

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